About Us

Restoraze is a value based IT backup focused solution provider from Adviacent. Restoraze is offering consistently improving world-class products, services & knowledge in backup (Laptop/Desktop, & Servers) along with file Archival for media.

Restoraze was created to make life simple for customers & partners Backup & Archival solutions in India. Currently Restoraze supports 100+ enterprise & SMB customers and has also introduced selective path breaking solutions to the Indian market.

Restoraze has technical expertise in Each product it sells through 25+ man-years strong technical team. We offer Option of Guarantee of Restoration, POC ownership, Implementation Assurance Service, local L1/L2 support.


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    Our solutions are here for your Servers, Applications and Workflows.

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    Easy to Store solution over Cloud and Inhouse.

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    Archiving software that makes large data volumes available when and where you need it for File and Email.

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    Restoration of all the data which is going to Backup & Archive.


Technical Alliance

Looking for Backup and Storage Solutions

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